**Please pardon our dust! This page is a work in progress – we are working on the final updates! If you were redirected to solwholeyou.wordpress.com from solwhole-you.com, you’re in the right place! This is our information hub for community members and neighboring businesses for the Spark of Life Whole-YOU Center. Bookmark the page for easy access to their links! Thanks for stopping by!**

Holistic health and self-care are an important part of everyday life as this helps us to face our days with confidence and authenticity! Peruse our pages to find those who can assist in regaining your balance and peace of mind with an energy healing session or Empowerment coaching session, or to find available products to assist in daily rituals (routines)!
Self-care is not only pampering yourself or taking a “time out” from your busy life, but also includes gaining insight into the situations in your life, keeping your physical space and aura cleared of ‘negative’ energies and influences, and practicing mindfulness. Check out our pages to find out what services are right for you!
When preparing to book an appointment with any of the businesses, please read our Terms and Conditions here. Thank you!

The Spark of Life Whole-YOU Center has a new physical space for healing, empowerment sessions, workshops, and more! Essentially One Wellness LLC and Spirit of Drakaina LLC are currently housed at 2029 Vanesta Place, Suite #8, Manhattan, KS. We are open by appointment only at this time – stay tuned for future announcements!

The Spark of Life Whole-YOU (SOLWY) members are also working with local holistic healers, alternative practitioners, crafters, and artists to promote their small businesses and to match them with the people that may need their products or services! SOLWY’s community network is comprised of individual business that provide holistic healing services, products, and workshops for learning and growth! As our small businesses have been home, Internet-based, and travel-based businesses for many years, we understand the struggle small businesses go through and were inspired to provide an advertising space for others as well.
Some of our extension members include (but are not limited to):
Prairie Magic Herbals (herbal classes and information)
Daughter of Delphi US (healing services & products)
Michele’s Foot Detox (essential oils & self care)
A Work in Progress BG (meditation)

Ricky Y. (copper pyramid healing sessions)
Kalmer & Co (keepsakes, gifts, and home decor)
Immortelle MHK (empowerment coaching and healing sessions)
Bright Life Consulting (professional intuitive)

Check out the Community Resources page for more information!

We have truly enjoyed meeting like-minded people and Community members at our various gatherings and events around the state! We hope to meet you soon!
Come see us at events around Kansas and stay tuned for further adventures!

Feel free to grab a cup of coffee, relax, and peruse our pages for information on holistic and alternative learning opportunities from local teachers and practitioners! The pages can be accessed via the drop-down menus above or by using the site map at the bottom of the page. 🙂

*A collaboration by Woman-owned businesses – we are proud to be of service!*

Page updated 4/4/23.

2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Daughter of of Delphi products are wonderful and truly do work. My son was having bad dreams “monster spray” when used prior to bedtime or while asleep stopped these dreams. He now asks for the “monster spray” every night and won’t sleep without it.
    I also had Mrs. Lisa assist with Energy Clearing and Activations , and Chakra Clearing sessions. This has helped me tremendously, giving me a better understanding of certain things in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart


    1. Thank you “love bug” . I am so pleased that this product helps your son. I am always here to be of service. Thank you very much.


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